Window behind alter

Jason Lee Memorial
United Methodist Church

168 S. University Avenue
Blackfoot, Idaho
Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m.

Join us for Worship

Sundays we have worship at 10:30 and fellowship following worship. Please come join us!

Come And See

" Our Purpose "

"The purpose of Jason Lee Memorial United Methodist Church is to CONNECT people to Christ, help people GROW in Christ, and help people SERVE Christ."

Series “Come and See”

  • July 3 Psalm 66:5-20; Revelation 21:1-5 Come and See: God's Story/Our Story
    Theme: We are all part of God’s story…connection of Jason Lee Memorial UMC's congregation with my story, with God’s story
  • July 10 John 1:35-39 What are YOU looking for?
    Theme: What are you looking for here at Jason Lee Memorial…What are you looking for from God
  • July 17 Children’s Sunday John 1:35-42 Brought to Jesus
    Theme: Who is waiting for you to bring them to Jesus, to Jason Lee, to grace so they can have their eyes opened to life in abundance?
  • July 24 John 1:35-42 Here’s looking at you
    Theme: When we see Jesus, we are transformed, renamed, renewed
  • July 31 John 1:35-45 We have found him
    Theme: What is required of us who have found Christ…making disciples for the transformation of the world.
  • August 7 John 1:35-46 Come and See
    Theme: Invitation to Christ to come and see us
  • August 14 John 1:35-48 Do you know me?
    Theme: Do we know Christ personally for Christ knows us.
  • August 21 John 1:35-50 You will see great things
    Theme: Anticipation of what we will see Christ do in and through us.

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